Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Etwinning project results

We've been working the whole academic year in our Etwinning project "Keep an eye on your lifestyle" with students from Poland, France and Italy in order to improve our knowledge about sport, food and healthy habits.
After a brief videoconference that allowed us to meet the Italian partners at the beginning of the year, we chose a logo for our project and then, we started working on so many different things as creating an international food pyramid, comparing our breakfast and healthy habits (carring out surveys, presentations,etc.), taking part in some sport challenges, designing collaborative posters and answering a FINAL KAHOOT QUIZ to summarize all we've been learning.

Here you've got some pictures and the results:

  Our international food pyramids:

  Final quiz (videoconference)


Our partners:

         Italian students                           French students                                            

                Polish students

Final results on Twinspace:

Monday, 28 May 2018

Talking to some tourists!

Last week 2nd ESO students went to Fenals Beach to interview some people. They enjoyed the activity a lot and they found out a lot of new things about the tourist and their countries.
They recorded the dialogues and took some pictures!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

How can we purify water?

In order to acomplish the 6th goal of the millenium, 2nd ESO students did a research about different ways to purify water and designed a method. Then, they tested it, analysing different properties of water, and decided which designed method is the best. 

Here you can see their job.

How to purify water?

Monday, 14 May 2018

Cross curricular project

2nd ESO Students spent some weeks in a cross curricular project called "Anem de viatge" that involved different subjects as Catalan, Spanish, English language and Maths.
They did a wonderful job in groups looking for information about somewhere they would like to travel. They planned their own holidays, checked and compared prices, looked for accommodation and restaurants, listened to some news and they also designed a brochure of the city in English.